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About Us

I started Snuggle Puppy Hotel to fulfill a life-long dream and to share that dream with my children. My passion and understanding for dogs has enabled me to cultivate an atmosphere of high-quality care and comfort. As a certified dog trainer and experienced owner, I want to help others better facilitate the best possible life for their dogs.

Mission Statement

At Snuggle Puppy Hotel, we believe in offering unparalleled boarding, day care and training to dogs whose owners value high-quality service. We provide an at-home environment that encourages your dog to feel comfortable and you to feel confident they are getting the best possible treatment out there. Through our dedication to helping you raise healthy and happy dogs, we remain committed to achieving our vision of educating and caring for dogs and their owners.


  • Nurturing
    We focus on providing a nurturing environment where dogs feel safe, protected and relaxed. We want dog owners to take that feeling home with them.
  • Dedicated
    We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the consistent dedication we put towards this business. Thanks to our unwavering love for dogs, we can continue to work towards our goals.
  • Excellence
    Everything we do is of the highest quality. From the services we provide to the products we use, our commitment to excellence is steadfast.
  • Passion
    Every day, we get to live our passion. It’s a dream come true, and we want to share that with the world.
  • Family
    Starting this business meant sharing my love for dogs with my family. I wanted my children to grow up with the knowledge and care that I believe we all should live with.